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Being stuck at home does not mean your exercise program should be stuck too.Get ready to feel better because we're the BRINGING THE PT OFFICE TO YOU! This versatile, three-piece lumbar-focused set provides nearly unlimited options for strength training, stretching, mobility and even post-workout pain-management. Combined to ensure both the upper and lower body  get a workout, the package includes a Dynamic Stretch Strap. This strap is the "star" in any home exercise program. It takes stretching and flexibility to a whole new level with an active "facilitated" stretching program. Ideal for improving movement, range-of-motion and flexibility, the strap works for the entire body. From the shoulders down to the glutes, calves and even toes, there's a dynamic stretch routine that will help users move more freely and with less pain. The perfect complement to the work done by the Stretch Strap is the Full Round Lumbar Pillow. Ideally sized at 11" x 5" and with a convenient elastic strap to help it stay in place, this pillow is ideal for lumbar support and cushioning. More than just chair back support (which it does well too), this pillow is terrific to help lightly massage the lower back, strengthen the spine and relieve the excess load from back muscles, enabling them to relax and heal quickly and painlessly. Once the workouts and stretching are done, it's time to ease those sore and aching muscles. The extra- large Heating Pad included in this set is just the thing. Sized at a very generous 12" x 24", this pad is ideal to treat large areas, such as the lower back and lumbar region. It also features a sponge to enable moist heat treatments for deep therapeutic warmth. A 9' cord and 4 heat settings mean near-personalized relief when and where you want. When you're stuck at home, this complete At-Home Lumbar Exercise Package is like having the gym come to you. A full set of instructions come with the Stretch Strap and Extra-Large Heating Pad, providing guidance on the full scope of possible exercises and available benefits. As a safety feature, the heating pad will shut off automatically after two hours. In addition to light massage and stretching, the lumbar pillow provides substantial support to the backbone and, with repeated use, will help straighten the spine. All the items in the At-Home Lumbar Exercise Package are Latex-free. The entire kit has been designed with safety and comfort in mind. The strap is soft to the touch, won't chafe and will not snap or tear. Both the Lumbar Support Pillow and Heating Pad feature removable covers that are easy to clean.