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Being stuck at home does not mean your exercise and wellness programs should be stuck too. Get ready to feel better because we're the BRINGING THE PT OFFICE TO YOU! This versatile, four-piece hip-focused set provides nearly unlimited options for flexibility, stretching, mobility and even post-workout massages and pain-management. Combined to ensure both the  upper and lower body get a workout, the package includes a Dynamic Stretch Strap. This strap is the "star" in any home exercise program. It takes stretching and flexibility to a whole new level with an active "facilitated" stretching program. Ideal for improving movement, range-of-motion and flexibility, the strap works for the entire body. From the shoulders down to the glutes, calves and even toes, there's a dynamic stretch routine that will help users move more freely and with less pain. The perfect complement to the work done by the Stretch Strap is the White Round PE Foam Roller. This roller, generously sized at 6" x 36", is terrific for muscle restoration, massage therapy, sport recovery and physical therapy. It offers a ton of versatility because it's used to improve positioning, balance, body awareness, strength and coordination. Once the work is done and it's time to cool down, the Cold Pack offers relief for up to 30 minutes. This pack, sized at 11" x 14", offers effective and sizable cold therapy treatment to any localized area. After icing down, it's time for your massage. The included Tiger Tail is 18" of hand-held effective body massage therapy and myofascial release tool. Perfect for personal use, it works great for both the upper and lower body. The Tiger Tail offers deep grip and friction to help massage deep and bust out knots fast in fascia and muscles, even on the hips and hip flexors. When you're stuck at home, this complete At-Home Hip Exercise Package is like having the gym come to you. A full set of instructions come with the Stretch Strap, Cold-Pack and Tiger Tail, providing guidance on the full scope of exercises and protocols. More rugged than polyethylene, the Foam Roller holds its shape, even after repeated use. Even below freezing temperatures, the Cold Pack remains pliable and soft, so it can be wrapped on or around most parts. All the items in the At-Home Hip Exercise Package are Latex-free. The entire kit has been designed with durability and comfort in mind. The strap is soft to the touch, yet won't chafe, snap or tear. The foam roller won't flake and the cold pack is durable, heavy-duty vinyl.