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Being stuck at home does not mean your cervical wellness program should be stuck too. Get ready to feel better because we're the BRINGING THE PT OFFICE TO YOU! This versatile, two-piece set provides the cervical-focused tools that are needed to treat, reduce and relieve cervical-centered pain and headaches. It's no secret that a combination of exercise treatment  administered by a physical therapist along with the use of a neck support pillow was more effective than exercise alone in relieving chronic neck pain. The NeckRest is your at-home physical therapist. NeckRest produces maximum pain relief in the cervical area as the patented treatment ridges exert localized pressure directly onto the painful stiff joints and tight muscles of the neck, replicating the Physiotherapy treatment received at the PT office. Results have shown that a neck pillow with firm support and good shape is more effective than a regular pillow in reducing neck pain. The secret is that the width between NeckRest's treatment ridges match the average width of neck joints. When lying on the NeckRest, the therapeutic force delivered through the treatment ridges is applied directly to painful joints and tight neck muscles to provide maximum relief of pain and stiffness. Even nicer is that treatment sessions with the NeckRest are so productive, they only require minutes a day. Once the neck stretching is done, it's time to ease those sore muscles. The Heating Pad included in this set is just the thing. Sized at a very manageable 12" x 15", this pad is ideal to treat large local, targeted areas, such as the upper and lower neck. It also features a sponge to enable moist heat treatments for deep therapeutic warmth. A 9' cord and 4 heat settings mean near-personalized relief when and where you want. When you're stuck at home, this complete At-Home Cervical Wellness Package is like having the PT Office come to you. A full set of instructions come with the Heating Pad, providing guidance on the full scope of available benefits. A number of videos and articles are available online to get the most out of the NeckRest. As a safety feature, the heating pad will shut off automatically after two hours. NeckRest relieves neck pain and neck-related headaches by lying on it on the floor. To decrease pressure, place your head on a pillow while using the NeckRest. All the items in the At-Home Cervical Exercise Package are Latex-free. The entire kit has been designed with ease of care in mind. The Heating Pad features a removable cover that is easy to clean and the NeckRest only needs a soft, damp cloth with some mild soap.