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Being stuck at home does not mean your physical therapy program should be stuck too. Get ready to keep getting healthy and feeling better because we're BRINGING THE PT OFFICE TO YOU! This versatile and complete four-piece set provides a plethora of options for stretching, balance, strength training and even a post-workout cool-down. This is an ideal package of heavier-resistance items for those looking to rebound from a bad ankle sprain or other joint-related issues. The package includes a Dynamic Stretch Strap, a set of three different Exercise Bands, an Inflatable Balance Disc and a reusable Cold Pack. The Dynamic Stretch Strap is the perfect complement to any physical therapy program as it's ideal for improving movement, range-of-motion and flexibility. The Exercise Bands-one of each Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy resistance-are Latex-free and safe for anyone. These bands are a PT and rehab staple as they aid in stretching, muscle toning and improving conditioning of all major muscle groups. The Inflatable Balance Disc, with a diameter of 14", is a standing disc for balance training, proprioception and strengthening of the lower extremities. It works great on its own and also in combination with the straps and bands to increase effectiveness. Once the work is done and it's time to cool down, the Cold Pack offers relief for up to 30 minutes. This pack, sized at 11" x 14", offers effective and sizable cold therapy treatment to any localized area. Even when you're stuck at home, your physical therapy progress should keep moving. This At-Home PT Package is like having the facility come to you. The entire kit is Latex-free and safe for all. A full set of instructions come with the Stretch Strap, the PEP Pack of Bands and the Cold Pack, providing guidance on the wide variety of available exercises and routines. The entire kit has been designed with durability and comfort in mind. The strap and bands are soft to the touch and won't tear, the disc is built with one side flat and the other nubby and the exterior of the cold pack is durable, heavy-duty vinyl. The Inflatable Balance Disc inflates and deflates with a standard pump. Varying the inflation level changes the level of difficulty and effectiveness. Even below freezing temperatures, the Cold Pack remains pliable and soft, so it can be wrapped on or around most parts.