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Being stuck at home does not mean your yoga regimen should be stuck too. Get ready to find your balance again because we’re BRINGING THE YOGA STUDIO TO YOU! Everything needed for a beneficial yoga session is here. This versatile, three-piece set lets users feel well, gain strength and clear their mind. The package includes a yoga mat, a Dynamic Stretch Strap and a yoga block. The mat, generously sized at 5.6’ x 2’ x .25”, is the perfect place to practice asana. Lightweight yet durable, this mat offers extra padding that cushions most hard floor surfaces, taking the pain out of training on the ground. The Dynamic Stretch Strap is the perfect complement to any home yoga and exercise program. The strap takes flexibility to a whole new level with an active “facilitated” stretching program. Ideal for improving movement, range-of-motion and flexibility, the strap works for the entire body. The block is the perfect accessory for yoga sessions. This versatile functional training tool is ideally sized at 14” x 6” x 8”. Amazingly lightweight and sturdier than you can imagine, this block can be placed under the hands, feet or bottom to get the most out of stretches and to help get into the correct position safely. It’s ideal to modify poses, hold a pose longer and to help remove the chance of pulling a muscle or causing a strain. When you’re stuck at home, this complete At-Home Yoga Package is like having namaste come to you. A full set of instructions comes with the Stretch Strap, providing guidance on the full scope of possible exercises and available benefits. The yoga mat is thin enough to roll up and take anywhere. Compact enough to fit into most gym bags. For an even more effective yoga session, incorporate the Stretch Strap into some of the poses. The non-skid surface of the mat offers traction during yoga and prevents it from sliding around on flooring. The entire kit has been designed with safety and comfort in mind. The strap is soft to the touch, won’t chafe and will not snap or tear. The yoga mat and yoga block are both lightweight, easy to store and easy to clean.